/Undian awal 6th CARI Kdrama Awards telah ditutup!

Undian awal 6th CARI Kdrama Awards telah ditutup!

CARI Kdrama Awards is a well-recognized Kdrama critic award bestowed by Malaysian Critics Drama Society under Kmania. It is best considered as critic award without representation of the award receivers. The purpose of the award is to give idea (sort of recommendations) of the yearly list of k drama to the fans which are recommended by the committees, not by one person.

The process of choosing nominees for the top 5 was based on analyzing the reviews submitted by Malaysian kdrama fans for every drama that they have watched. The analysis process was done critically without any prejudice or bias on item’s popularity or success. We, the Malaysian Critics Drama Society took all the reviews of the k drama from three major broadcasters – KBS, SBS & MBC and the cable channels – tvN, JTBC, OCN. While for the popularity categories, we opened the voting process so that they can nominate their favorites. Throughout the process, we oversaw the selections of the best quality drama to be nominated for the top 5.

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Straightly after top 5 nominees were announced, the final voting would be opened to let the Malaysian fandom communities to cast their votes in order to determine the winner for each category. From here, they can see that each contestant will fight neck and neck for the best. That’s why they are given opportunities to scrutinize way of reviewing their favorite drama as it will reflect our decision in each category of top 5. Lastly, all the decisions made either via review or casting vote for popularity awards, they are the one who made this, Malaysian kdramas lovers!

Starting 2016, CARI Kdrama Awards was well-received among Malaysian fandom communities and was featured in several local mainstream medias like tv9, Harian Metro, Cari Infonet and many else. We thanked them a lot for the recognitions!

This year, 2017, is a sixth time since CARI Kdrama Awards was first setup in 2012. About 66 dramas will be evaluated as we consider the list of the dramas that finish broadcasting somewhere around early of Jan 2017 till 25 Dec 2017.

6th CARI Kdrama Awards

Here the official schedules for 2017 #carikdramaawards :

Oct 24, 2017: Popular Categories open for submissions. (Scroll down to the end of this page)

Dec 25, 2017 : Due date submissions for both Excellence Categories and Popular Categories.

Dec 29, 2017: Top 5 announcements. Final votings open for all Malaysian fans.

Jan 15, 2018: Due date for final votings.

Jan 20, 2018: 2017 6th CARI Kdrama Awards ceremony.


Anugerah CARI Kdrama (CARI Kdrama Awards) ialah anugerah kritikan yang dikelolakan oleh Persatuan Pengkritik Kdrama Malaysia di bawah anjuran Kmania. Anugerah ini dianggap sebagai penghargaan terhadap kritikan diberikan tanpa penerima perlu hadir untuk menerimanya. Tujuan anugerah ini diadakan adalah untuk memberikan idea kepada peminat tentang senarai tahunan kdrama yang perlu ditonton oleh mereka seperti yang disyorkan oleh majlis pengkritik, dengan sokongan keseluruhan peminat kdrama saban tahun.

Proses memilih calon untuk Top 5 adalah dengan menganalisis ulasan yang dikemukakan oleh peminat kdrama Malaysia untuk setiap drama yang mereka tonton. Proses analisis akan dilakukan dengan kritikal tanpa sebarang prasangka atau kecenderungan terhadap populariti atau kemenangannya sebelum ini. Kami, Persatuan Drama Pengkritik Malaysia mengumpul semua ulasan kdrama dari tiga penyiar utama – KBS, SBS & MBC dan saluran kabel – tvN, JTBC, OCN. Sementara untuk kategori populariti pula, kami membuka undian awal supaya mereka dapat menamakan calon kegemaran mereka. Sepanjang proses ini, kami akan menilai dan memilih drama yang berkualiti dan terbaik untuk dicalonkan untuk Top 5.

Sebaik saja Top 5 bagi setiap kategori diumumkan, undian akan dibuka untuk membolehkan mereka mengundi bagi menentukan pemenang untuk setiap kategori. Akhir sekali, semua keputusan yang dibuat sama ada melalui ulasan yang dihantar mahupun undian bagi pengiktirafan populariti, adalah datangnya daripada pencinta kdramas Malaysia!

Bermula 2016, Anugerah CARI Kdrama telah mendapat sambutan yang baik dalam kalangan komuniti fandom Malaysia dan dipaparkan di beberapa media utama tempatan seperti tv9, Harian Metro, Cari Infonet dan banyak lagi. Kami mengucapkan terima kasih banyak kepada pengakuan mereka!

Tahun 2017 ini adalah kali keenam sejak Anugerah CARI Kdrama dilancarkan pertama kali pada tahun 2012. Kira-kira sebanyak 66 drama akan dinilai berdasarkan drama-drama korea yang disiarkan pada awal Jan 2017 hingga 25 Dis 2017.

6th CARI Kdrama Awards

Tentatif 2017 #carikdramaawards :

Zaful WW

24 Oct 2017: Kategori popular dibuka untuk pencalonan. (Lihat di bawah sekali)

25 Dec 2017 : Tarikh tutup penghantaran kedua-dua kategori terbaik dan popular.

29 Dec 2017: Top 5 diumumkan. Undian akhir dibuka untuk peminat mengundi.

15 Jan 2018: Tarikh tutup undian akhir.

20 Jan 2018: Majlis perlangsungan 6th CARI Kdrama Awards.


List of Categories: Excellences & Popular


List of 2017 Kdramas:

  • [KBS] Hwarang: The Beginning
  • [KBS] Perfect Wife
  • [KBS] Individualist Ms. Ji Young
  • [KBS] Fight for My Way
  • [KBS] School 2017
  • [KBS] Girls’ Generation 1979
  • [KBS] Witch’s Court
  • [KBS] Oh My Geum Bi
  • [KBS] Naked Fireman
  • [KBS] Chief Kim
  • [KBS] Mystery Queen
  • [KBS] Queen for Seven Days‎
  • [KBS] Manhole
  • [KBS] Mad Dog
  • [KBS] The Best Hit
  • [KBS] Strongest Deliveryman
  • [KBS] Go Back Couple
  • [MBC] Night Light
  • [MBC] Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
  • [MBC] Lookout
  • [MBC] The King Loves
  • [MBC] 20th Century Boy and Girl
  • [MBC] Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • [MBC] Missing 9
  • [MBC] Radiant Office
  • [MBC] Ruler: Master of the Mask
  • [MBC] Man Who Dies to Live
  • [MBC] Hospital Ship
  • [SBS] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
  • [SBS] Defendant
  • [SBS] Whisper
  • [SBS] My Sassy Girl
  • [SBS] Falsify
  • [SBS] Temperature of Love
  • [SBS] Legend of the Blue Sea
  • [SBS] Saimdang, Light’s Diary
  • [SBS] Suspicious Partner
  • [SBS] Reunited Worlds
  • [SBS] While You Were Sleeping
  • [tvN] Because This Is My First Life
  • [tvN] Rude Miss Young-Ae 15
  • [tvN] Sensitive Boss
  • [tvN] The Liar and His Lover
  • [tvN] Circle
  • [tvN] Bride of the Water God
  • [tvN] Argon
  • [tvN] Avengers Social Club
  • [tvN] Criminal Minds
  • [tvN] Goblin
  • [tvN] Tomorrow with You
  • [tvN] Chicago Typewriter
  • [tvN] Forest of Secrets
  • [tvN] Deserving of the Name
  • [tvN] Revolutionary Love
  • [tvN] The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World (*Pre-empted*)
  • [jtbc] Solomon’s Perjury
  • [jtbc] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • [jtbc] Man to Man
  • [jtbc] Woman of Dignity
  • [jtbc] Age of Youth 2
  • [jtbc] The Package
  • [OCN] My Secret Romance
  • [OCN] Voice
  • [OCN] Tunnel
  • [OCN] Duel
  • [OCN] Save Me
  • [OCN] Black




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